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Clinical trial simulation system
A comprehensive SAS-based clinical trial simulation system has been donated by Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The system was developed by Peter H. Westfall (Texas Tech University) working in concert with scientific colleagues at Vertex and a development team at Texas Tech.
The system uses a unifying model that allows general correlation structures for endpoint*timepoint data and nonnormal distributions (including time-to-event) and is based on computationally efficient algorithms. The model allows for patient dropout and noncompliance. The model runs on a stand-alone machine or on a grid-enabled SAS-based system.
Download the clinical trial simulation system archive (complete SAS code).
Download the clinical trial simulation system documentation by Peter H. Westfall, Kuenhi Tsai, Miles Dunn, Stephan Ogenstad, Alin Tomoiaga, Yongang Lu, Keyi Wang.
Westfall PH, Tsai K, Ogenstad S, Tomoiaga A, Moseley S, Lu Y. (2008). Clinical trials simulation: A statistical approach. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics. 18, 611-630.
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System development team
Cynthia DeSouza (Vertex Pharmaceuticals), Peter Westfall (Texas Tech University), Alin Tomoiaga (Texas Tech University), Alex Dmitrienko (Eli Lilly).
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