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On this page you will find links to various training courses and materials provided by SAS Institute and BISUG members.



I've taken several SAS Live Web classes and I love the format. Spending an afternoon in a class that I can attend at my desk leaves my morning free, plus I save money by not paying for travel expenses... I was surprised at how much my attendance at these classes felt like being present in a real classroom. There was ample time for discussion and enough exercises that kept me involved. I hope SAS continues to add classes to the Live Web curriculum.

Michele M. Burlew
President, Episystems, Inc.




Web-based training at SAS Institute


Kathleen Guerra

SAS Institute




Kathleen Guerra works at SAS Education Division in Cary, North Carolina.
  Whether you have a few individuals or an entire organization that need training on Enterprise Guide, consider SAS' Live Web classes. In addition to classroom training, SAS Education offers two distinct Live Web classes on Enterprise Guide for end users and administrators. The Live Web classes use a combination of Web and audio conferencing, so you can interact in real time with your instructor and classmates. Class sessions are 3.5 hours each and include hands-on exercises to help reinforce your learning. But the biggest benefit, customers agree, is taking a course right at your desktop, making it convenient and affordable to train a large group of remote workers.

Enterprise Guide Curriculum

  Our Enterprise Guide curriculum consists of courses that provide both new users and longtime users of SAS with the tools needed to access the power of SAS through Enterprise Guide.

Querying and Reporting Using SAS Enterprise Guide

Live web class or classroom course
  This course is designed for users who need to access, summarize, or present their data.  

SAS Enterprise Guide: ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression

Classroom course
  This course is designed for users who want to perform statistical analyses like statistical inference, analysis of variance, multiple regression, categorical data analysis, and logistic regression.  

Administering SAS Enterprise Guide

Live web class
  This course is designed for administrators who want to manage the client environment from one central location.  
  If your training budget doesn't allow for a classroom course or a live web class, take a look at the free self-paced tutorial for end users. Other inexpensive self-paced courses that cost less than $30USD are listed below.

Programming Using SAS Enterprise Guide
Querying Data Using SAS Enterprise Guide
Performing Statistical Analyses Using SAS Enterprise Guide: Examples
Creating and Customizing Reports Using SAS Enterprise Guide


For a complete list of training offerings on Enterprise Guide, you can visit our Enterprise Guide curriculum path or call SAS Education at 1-800-333-7660.



Introduction to SAS Enterprise Guide

Linda Lucek

Northern Illinois University


Linda Lucek works at Northern Illinois University. SAS was first installed on the mainframe at Northern Illinois University in 1973, which pre-dates the incorporation of SAS Institute. SAS short courses have been taught from the central computing facilities since that time and Linda has been providing research assistance to NIU faculty and graduate students and supporting SAS products at NIU since 1986. She began to offer hands-on short courses on Enterprise Guide shortly after it was included as part of the campus site license. Since then Linda has added web-based courses using flash-based tutorials and Blackboard course management.



SAS Enterprise Guide 3.0 tutorial (PDF format)
SAS Enterprise Guide tutorial (Flash-based version)

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