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This page provides a list of SAS Business Intelligence papers presented at recent SAS conferences.



Charles Hallahan



Linda Atkinson



Introduction to using SAS Enterprise Guide for statistical analysis


Kevin Davidson

FSD Data Services




Enterprise Guide: Should it be your everyday SAS editor?


Philip Holland

Holland Numerics Ltd



  Enterprise Guide - Past and future - A case study

Sunil Gupta

Gupta Programming



  Analysis and Reporting Made Easier using Enterprise Guide  

Alex Dmitrienko

Eli Lilly and Company




Cindy Lee

Eli Lilly and Company



  Using SAS Enterprise Guide to Automate and Customize Statistical Analysis of Pharmaceutical Data  

Lina Clover

SAS Institute




Elizabeth Ruben

SAS Institute



  Introducing the New Rich-Client OLAP Analyzer from SAS – SAS Enterprise Guide 3.0 OLAP Analyzer  

Barbara Schneider

University of Vienna




Kristan Schneider

University of Vienna



  SAS Enterprise Guide – A Powerful Tool to Bridge the Gap between Statisticians and Medical Students  

Ajaz Farooqi

Walt Disney



  SAS Enterprise Guide – A Quick Overview of Developing, Creating, and Successfully Delivering a Simple Project  

David Johnson

DKV-J Consultancies



  Guiding Your Enterprise with SAS Enterprise Guide  

James White

SAS Institute




Stephen McDaniel

SAS Institute



  Developing Custom SAS Tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office  

Jennifer Clegg

SAS Institute




Stephen McDaniel

SAS Institute



  SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office – Leveraging SAS Throughout the Organization from Microsoft Office  

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